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2023 Enhancement Results

We wrapped up our User Conference; "Renew" by breaking into smaller groups and discussing subjects like "AHA!" moments from the conference, things that went well, and things that could go better. The enthusiasm that came out of this session was positive, but caused us to miss the opportunity to share the Enhancements Voting Results.

We're pleased to share the top five results, and let you all know that we'll endeavor to find them places on our Development Road Map and keep you posted on their progress. They are:

1) Notification when changes are made overnight

  • This is a process as opposed to a product enhancement, but we're in agreement on its importance. We'll incorporate a communication protocol that proactively informs of updates and their content. We'll also be working to reduce the need for, and frequency of, Hot Fixes. 

2) Ability to import/export calendars in and out of Barefoot

  • iCal was the suggested format.

3) Improved Partner Integration

  • This is a broad topic, but we received several suggestions we may prioritize in the coming year.

4) "Magic Decoder Ring" for SQL queries

  • A real-language data dictionary of our tables, fields, and relationships is in the works.

5) Better level of API access to tenant and owner data

  • Like the partner integrations, we received some good ideas on where we can prioritize improvements to these resources.

Thank you all for your suggestions, feedback, and for taking the time to help prioritize these topics. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you,