Methods of Owner Retention

It is July -- now is also the time to put processes into place to ensure you have good OWNER RETENTION. Here are some suggestions from our team:

Market to repeat guests for future bookings (ask your SE about building a process to help automate this). Remember you go to Search for Guest and then use the field Rental History in the top right to set the parameters of generating those repeat guests.

Continue to promote your valueproposition – consider adding a newsletter to your owner statements. Tip: Newsletters is a tab on the owner portal that can be turned on. July is usually one of the larger checks for your owners, so sending out a newsletter at the same time is a positive touch.

Schedule deep cleans. Mid-season deep cleans are a great way to boost property reviews that may be the difference between a potential guest booking a property or moving on. We all know that at some point the departure clean just isn’t enough. Communicate your relationship with local vendors as a differentiator.

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