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This document is a tool to assist Barefoot clients in their approach to dealing with national vacation rental companies. It is a compilation of information from clients, partners, and the media. It will continue as a living document.

For context, think about how vacation rental companies have long worked with and against platforms in the industry-- VRBO, Airbnb, Expedia, and others. At times, we have seen them as champions for this industry, as they have the most impact in expanding our industry. At other times, we see them as villains whose goal often is to try and move clients away from our ranks and towards a direct connection with their platform. We continually evolve to find tools and strategies to balance the good and bad of these platforms.

Recently, we have seen another trend that is both good and bad in our industry with the introduction of national players as vacation rental companies. They typically are a mix of vacation rental company and a platform. They get venture capital money and purchase our competition or offer our owners what they consider as a stronger ROI. They are looking to take advantage of economies of scale. This includes companies like Vacasa, V-Trips, I-trips, Evolve, and Natural Retreats. This playbook is focused on them and our collective strategies in competing against them.

As you read this consider a few things:

·is this information correct? We have created a compilation from many sources.

·do you have any inside information that you can share. Vacasa as a public company is easier to research, but what about the others?

·what do they do well, and how can we replicate those items?

·where do they fail at and how can we take advantage of their failures?

·how are they like a platform and what do we use to compete against a platform?

·how are they different and how would a platform compete against their model?

·unlike platforms many national players are looking to expand by purchase of great companies, what is your exit strategy and is one of these national players an opportunity? What do you need to do to set yourself up to take advantage of that opportunity?

We ask you to consider this a document that we can add to as the market continues to evolve. As always, we value your experience and expertise and our continued partnership.