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"The Risk Far Outweighs The Rewards" -Airbnb

In late July, 18-year-old Dayman Chatman, of South Bend, was shot and killed at a large house party in Michigan.  

When police arrived, they also found the home completely destroyed.

The homeowner spoke exclusively with 16 News Now Thursday.  

Katelyn Gregory said she rented out her house on Airbnb the night the incident took place. She had been renting out her house for several years but is now calling it quits.  

"The risk now far outweighs the reward," Gregory said.

She said she rented it out to a verified guest through the website, only to discover the unthinkable.

A neighbor informed her there was a lot of traffic coming in and out of her house.

Gregory immediately called police.

"I imagined damage to the home, underage drugs and drinking. That is the magnitude of stuff I could picture," Gregory said.

But when she arrived, Gregory said a detective informed her there was an open homicide investigation.

Chatman had been shot and killed.

"At this point, I realize that the people who had access to my home were dangerous and threatening to my family. …The real tragedy of a death overshadowed material damages," Gregory said.

Gregory said she walked into broken windows, thrown furniture, holes in the wall and blood everywhere.

After working with authorities in Chicago, Gregory said she discovered the person who had rented out her house for the weekend had an extensive criminal record.

"You should really vet your own people," Gregory said.

There is about $50,000 in damage, and insurance is paying about $19,000.

Airbnb's host agreement states they will cover the difference if insurance compensates you.

Gregory claims while Airbnb has communicated through email, they have not actually acted.

"I think their intention is to drag this out long enough where you are forced to use your personal insurance or personal finances," Gregory said.

16 News Now reached out to Airbnb for comment to see what they plan to do in this case, but we have not heard back.

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