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Accounting is Enhancing

For the past two years, accounting has been documenting our client’s wants as well as going over the system with a fine-tooth comb to determine additional needs and functionality. Over the next quarter, we will be working diligently to start showing you the fruits of that labor. To keep you more readily up to date, we have started a forum where we will post they are live and include the link for documentation. The Brandy and Mandy Show will also be back with new episodes as well, so stay tuned. 

First round of reporting updates and system enhancements:

1. Split out Operating/Management Income and Expenses from other Vendor Payables using a new Role

2. Aging Summaries for all role types

3. Liabilities report more inline with a standard Balance Sheet

4. New Distribution Report

5. Enhanced Owner Statement


Thank you,

Brandy and Mandy

Your Barefoot Accounting Team

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