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Partner Manager News January 2019

Barefoot Partner News 

Happy New Year! I am looking forward to improving our  current partner integrations and connecting with new partners that will bring  value to our clients! We held off on the TripAdvisor Rental (FlipKey) webinar  because we know that this integration is one that our clients are looking for  and I would like to make sure that it is ready to go when we have the webinar. 

At the end of the month, 1/24 we will be having a webinar  from Blizzard,  and invitations will be sent out a week ahead. 

Monthly in the newsletter, I will be including a highlight  of a newer partner and this year, we are starting off with Lexicon:

Without flaws or interruptions, Lexicon  Travel Technologies provides a seamless  connection between our PMS partner Barefoot Technologies and our global  distribution network. We allow Barefoot to focus on becoming the most  tailorable tool in the vacation rental industry, so that their clients can  focus on becoming the very best vacation experience provider. Experience is what our team  of account managers bring to the table, custom tailored to every single client  account, enabling efficient revenue management to maximize profit across all  distribution channels. 

From personalized assistance with  content distribution and optimization, to revenue management, to marketing and  merchandising strategies and meeting channel-specific requirements, Lexicon is  committed to maximizing the clients return on investment. Much more than just a  channel manager, we look forward to expanding our client network alongside our  partners at Barefoot Technologies.

Contact our team today for a free  analysis of your current distribution platform.

 Are you  coming to the Barefoot User Conference? It’s great time to meet and learn from  our partners. Thank you to the following partners attending this year!

Event Sponsors: Xplorie-  cocktail party, Red Sky - breakfast

Speaking Sponsors - HomeAway,  BeyondPricing, Red Awning, ICND, Rental Guardian

Exhibiting Sponsors - Lynnbrook  Group, RealTech, Behome247, Rentals United, Xplorie, Point Central, Dorma Kaba,  Vacayhome Connect, BlueTent, Breezeway, Ascent

Partner Attendees - KeyData  Dashboard, Navis, Lexicon, BookingPal

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