May 2022 Server Patch

Microsoft Required Server Patching:
Barefoot will be performing required Microsoft Patching on our servers early Wednesday May 18th.

The patching will start at 12:30 am EDT with rolling starts and all updates planned to be
completed by 4:00 am EST. During this time the Barefoot system may be unavailable.

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Channel Questions? So You want to list your properties on a Third Party Channel

When you are looking at listing on third party channels, our recommendation is for you to have the conversations with the channel sales staff and make sure that they are a good fit for your business model.

Here are a few questions to ask ahead of time and I hope that these suggestions lead you to come up with more of your own.

Can the channel handle my rate tables? – Dynamic pricing, coupons, discounts

Can the channel manage my calendars? – how often do they sync?

How are you notified of the reservation?

When and how you get paid?

Do you have any suggestions for questions that you were glad you asked? Or wish you had asked before listing?

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