May 2022 Server Patch

Microsoft Required Server Patching:
Barefoot will be performing required Microsoft Patching on our servers early Wednesday May 18th.

The patching will start at 12:30 am EDT with rolling starts and all updates planned to be
completed by 4:00 am EST. During this time the Barefoot system may be unavailable.

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Thinking about listing on VRBO or HomeAway?

Do you want to learn more about listing with HomeAway? If you just want to learn more before starting the process in your Barefoot Agent system, you can contact HomeAway's Account Management team, and make sure to mention that you are on Barefoot!

Here are two links that can help you connect with HomeAway -

Connecting with HomeAway Sales team:

Taking the first steps to getting your listings on line:

Also check out the Barefoot Solutions section for help articles and video to help you get started in Barefoot:

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