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Partner Webinar- Glad to Have you 5/24 2 PM

On Tuesday, 5/24 Join us for a partner webinar with Glad to Have you

Delight your Guests with the latest mobile technology


Glad To Have You is the first and only fully customizable mobile platform designed specifically for vacation rental management.  Everything a guest needs to know about their vacation is right in their hands with Glad to Have You™.  Automate communication, distribute information and realize the power of branding your company using the latest mobile technology.  Market your services to guests using the power of push notifications and email.  Let them know what you have to offer before they arrive, while they are there, and after they depart in a highly personalized communication they will want to read.  The explosive growth in mobile and social technology is revolutionizing industry after industry – and vacation rentals are no exception. It’s now possible for vacation rental managers to operate and communicate with guests more efficiently, and more profitably than ever imagined using Glad to Have You.

Please contact for Go to Meeting information. 

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Currently we do not have a partner page set up for Glad To Have You. If you missed the presentation, a video of the webinar can be viewed here.

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