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Important Changes Coming to you from HomeAway

Barefoot HomeAway clients:

There are changes in the works for HomeAway and you should have received information about the following from HomeAway:

  1. Moving forward, there will still be two listing types with Global Distribution included; one single Annual Subscription and Pay-Per-Booking.
  2. We are launching new ways for our customers to be distributed through Expedia, starting with a Vacation Rental tab on for HomeAway listings.
  3. The best way to perform on HomeAway is to control factors that influence Best Match, most importantly ensuring online booking is enabled.
  4. We are adding new features like Analytics & Traveler Reviews to help customers better control their performance and experience on HomeAway.

Please contact your HomeAway Account Manager or the HomeAway PM Support Team with any questions. 1-877-239-2592 9am-5pm Monday to Friday CST, or Also, there is more detailed information to be found at this web page- Homeaway Building for the Future.
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Has anyone found their HomeAway listings on Expedia yet? Let's hear some feedback on this new feature. Thank you. 

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